Glenpool Church of Christ
Prison Ministry


When most people consider prison ministry they think immediately of classes taught in a jail or prison.
They may also think of doing one-on-one teaching or counseling of the inmate. However, one of the most
vital parts of prison ministry is the correspondence program.

The Glenpool Prison Ministry uses New Life Behavior lessons for the correspondence program. These lessons
written by members of the churches of Christ, afre the same ones we teach in the classroom. They offer
a wide range of subjects such as self-worth, the family, parenting, anger management, substance abuse and
other relevant topics.

The question might be asked, "Why is it necessary to mail lessons to some of the inmates? Why can't they
attend classes?
There are a number of reasons the correspondence program is needed. First, there a number of prisons where
New Life Behavior courses are not offered. Second, there are a number of circumstances that hinder students
from attending classes in facilities offering the New Life Behavior courses. Often work assignments,
GED classes and college courses are offered at the same time New Life Behavior classes are offered. In female
facilities, many classes are often at capacity. Also, correspondence courses are a means for follow up of
former county jail students.

We are not suggesting that lessons by correspondence are equal to students being in the classroom. However,
correspondence lessons serve a purpose in helping inmates learn and bring about change in their lives.

Postage continues to increase but we can reach so many more by having this program. We need to continue
to use every means available to reach more with the ways of the Lord. What is the worth of just one changed life?

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One of the special needs we have from time to time is providing Bibles for students who do not have one. We are
able to purchase Bibles in bulk at a lower price. This could be a special project for a Bible class.

Bill Hamrick